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In order to help you relaunch your activities following events related to Covid-19, Kick's Événement wants to do its part to reduce your financial burden at the start of the season.

We therefore offer you the possibility of splitting your invoice into 3 payments (33% - 33% - 34%).  It is always possible to pay your invoice in full if you wish.


This offer applies to:

  • Any invoice over $ 1000

  • Any invoice issued thirty (30) days before the competition

  • A credit card must be provided with the registration file


Payment dates are calculated based on the competition you are registering for:

  • 33% of the total invoice as of the "Early Bird" date

  • 33% of the total invoice as of "On-Time"

  • Balance of the total invoice as of the "Last Call"

If your default payment method is not a credit card and by the due date your payment has not been received, we will automatically take the payment to your credit card.  If it is impossible for us to proceed with the payment, your rate will no longer be effective, and your invoice will be revised with the rate on the day of the failure of the invoice. ​

For more information :

payment methods

Use of Kick's credits

Refund policy

In case of cancellation of the competition